Stan Tibbetts Jewelry

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Buy Southwest Jewelry made by Stan Tibbetts. His jewelry has stones like Turquoise and Red Coral with hand made leaves, berries and stems. The picture to the left is a pendant with Wild Horse White Turquoise.

Stan's Jewelry is hand crafted from Gold and Silver. It is hand made at The Turquoise Pueblo in Oak Glen, California. He also makes custom hand made Gold Jewelry. For people who want custom jewelry feel free to inquire. To inquire about custom Gold and Silver Jewelry either fill out our contact form or call us at (909)797-7773.

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To buy Stan Tibbetts Jewelry browse our online store or come to the Turquoise Pueblo in Oak Glen, California. We encourage people throughout Southern California to visit The Turquoise Pueblo. Oak Glen is also famous for Apple Season. While getting some apples come by our store to buy Turquoise Jewelry.