Apple Season

The Turquoise Pueblo is a Native American store located in Oak Glen, California.  Oak Glen is famous for its apple picking.  In the fall thousands of people come to Oak Glen for apple season.  There are several apple orchards that people go to during apple season here in Oak Glen.  Not only is Oak Glen known for apple picking, but the apple pies are piled high and the apple cider is delicious.

There are several shops and a petting zoo where the kids can come to feed and pet goats and other animals. There is also a reptile museum where people can see several types of exotic animals and snakes.

While you are here stop by to pet some animals, eat at a nice restaurant and see the unique selection of Native American Jewelry at the Turquoise Pueblo.  We carry jewelry by famous Native American artists like Tommy Singer and many other Navajo and Zuni artists. We also have a nice selection of vintage Native American jewelry.

To inquire about Apple Season in Oak Glen call The Turquoise Pueblo at (909)797-7773.