Native American Rings For Men

Native American Men's Rings

Buy Native American Rings for Men made by Native Americans from the Navajo Nation and the Zuni Pueblo.  They are hand made from Sterling Silver and have stones including Turquoise, Coral, Spiny Oyster Shell, Mother of Pearl, Green Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli. Many of these Navajo and Zuni Men's Rings are inlays.

Buy Native American Men's Rings

Browse our online store or call The Turquoise Pueblo at (909)797-7773 to inquire about Men's Rings made by Native Americans.  To contact us by email please fill out our contact form.

Buy Men's Rings with Blue Turquoise from the Kingman mine in Arizona. Our Navajo rings for Men may have a roping design on the band and a hand made leaf on each side. Some of them are made from Turquoise stones from the Kingman mine in Arizona. They come with a different variety of stones including blue opal, white opal and Turquoise.

Buy Men's Rings made by Zuni and Navajo Artists

Buy Zuni rings for men made by craftsmen including Bevis Tsadiasi, Amy Quandelacy and Velma Natachu.  Buy Navajo Rings for men made by craftsmen including Darren Arviso, Ray Jack, Ella Cowboy, Thelma Yazzie and Wilbur Muskett.