Native American Jewelry San Diego Ca

 Native American Jewelry San Diego

The Turquoise Pueblo is near San Diego, Ca.  For consumers who are looking for Native American Jewelry, we are one of few Native American Stores located in Southern California.  Our shop is located in Oak Glen, Ca. at the Oak Tree Village shopping mall.  We are off the 10Fwy and Oak Glen Rd.

Our Jewelry is made by Native Americans throughout Arizona and New Mexico.  These Native Americans are from the Navajo Nation and the Zuni Pueblo.  Our jewelry is made from Sterling Silver. Our Southwest Jewelry is either made from Sterling Silver or 14kt. Gold and is hand made. These craftsmen use hand made berries, leaves and stems. The stones may include Turquoise, Black Onyx, Black Jet, Malachite and Coral. 


To buy Native American Jewelry browse our online store.  For consumers who want to buy from our Southern California location please call The Turquoise Pueblo at (909)797-7773.  We can provide directions from the San Diego, Ca. area.

To inquire about our Jewelry either fill out our contact form or call The Turquoise Pueblo.