Native American Jewelry Repair

The Turquoise Pueblo is known for it's selection of Native American Jewelry.  Our gold and silversmith specializes in repairing Native American jewelry.  When people have a nice piece of Native American jewelry that has been damaged, they have a hard time finding a silversmith that is experienced in Turquoise jewelry repair.  Being Stan has been handcrafting jewelry for over 20 years and more recently is specializing in creating Southwest Jewelry, he has a lot of experience in silver jewelry repair.

To find out more about Native American Jewelry, Sterling Silver and Gold jewelry repair services feel free to call us at (909)797-7773.  We do not take in repairs during Oak Glen apple season.  We are located in Oak Glen, California.  For Jewelry Repair customers who are not local, we can provide repair envelopes and do business by U.S. Mail.