Native American Engagement Rings

Our Native American Engagement Rings are made from Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Tri-Colored Opal, Red Opal, Jet, Coral, Mother of Pearl, Blue Opal, White Opal, Pink Opal and CZ. These Rings are made by Native Americans from the Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo by artists including Wilbur Muskett, Ella Cowboy and Roger Morgan.

Many of our Engagement Rings can also be worn as a regular ring.  Most Turquoise inlays are uninterrupted all the way around the band.  Some inlays are not uninterrupted. 

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Engagement Rings come in a double or single band with a CZ. We also have matching Men's Wedding Rings for couples who want matching rings.  To buy Engagement Rings made by Navajo American Indians browse our online store or visit our store front.  Our Native American Jewelry Store is located in Oak Glen, Ca.  We are in the Oak Tree Village Shopping Mall.

Our Engagement Rings are authentic Native American made.  They are hand crafted from Sterling Silver.  For people who want a custom ring our Silver Smith can create a custom southwest Engagement Ring.  To inquire call The Turquoise Pueblo at (909)797-7773.