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Hopi Hilili Kachina Carving  E Adams Native American Indian Cottonwood

Kachina Dolls are gifts given in hope of future abundance and health, as well as tools for education.

The Hilili Kachina Carving of today's art market are a bridge not only between the spiritual world and mortals but also between Hopis and non-Hopis. Each year Kachinas come, they walk upon the earth and they dance to bring life and renewal. When the Kachinas return to the spirit world at the end of the planting, they return with prayers of the Hopi that we might all continue on this earth for another round in the circle of life.

There are more than 250 different Kachinas, each with its own separate attributes, representing everything from animals to abstract concepts. The Hopi were the original Kachina Doll carvers, using a single piece of cottonwood root. The Navajo began carving in their own creative way, adding leather, feather, beads and turquoise.

SIGNED E Adams handcrafted this Hilili Kachina a Beautiful work of art out of Cottonwood. BUY IT NOW & Discover the Magic of Hopi Kachinas.

The dimensions are 11 1/2" tall.

The Meaning:


The origin of the Hilili Kachina is believed to be from the Zuni Tribe. In the Acoma and Laguna pueblos he is known as Heleleka. His name comes from the call or noise that he makes. When he first came to the Hopi , people were very suspicious of him. Hilili was known as Powak or the Witch Kachina. Now, he is a Guard Kachina, who is mainly seen holding Yucca whips. He has become a popular guard at the ceremonies due to his dancing style. He can be seen in the Powamu and Night dances.