Our Native American Jewelry is handcrafted by well known Artists.  We have a changing variety including necklaces, wedding rings, earrings, rings and much more.  We invite you to come see the Turquoise Pueblo which is located in Oak Glen, California.  For people who are not local to Southern California you can browse our web site. 

We have come to the right place for Native American Indian jewelry. We have Pendants made from 14kt. Gold & Sterling Silver, with stones like Turquoise, Lapis Lazul, Lab Created Opal, Malachite and Tiger Eye. We go directly to the Navajo and Zuni reservations throughout Arizona and New Mexico.  We buy our Jewelry directly from Native Americans who are on the reservations.


tommy singer jewelry

TommyRichard and Rosita Singer Jewelry

Tommy Singer is the most well known Navajo of all time.  He is no longer making jewelry as he has passed away. His son and his wife are running the family business by continuing to make his style of American Indian Jewelry.

native american wedding rings

Native American Wedding Rings

For couples who are getting married we sell Native American wedding rings for both men and women.  Our cubic zirconia wedding rings are made by Native American artists like Ella Cowboy and Wilbur Musket. When you buy wedding rings we have these in stock year round.  Browse our wedding rings category below.

native american earrings

American Indian Earrings

Most of our Earrings are one of a kind pieces.  They are Native American made.  Each pair of Earrings is hand made from sterling silver.  We have a lot of Turquoise Earrings as well as other stones like Coral.

native american mens rings

Native American Men's Rings

Our Men's rings are made by Native Americans who live on the reservations in Arizona and New Mexico.  Each ring is hand made from Sterling Silver.  

native american womens rings

Native American Women's Rings

We have a good selection of women's rings online and in out store location in Oak Glen, California.  Our rings are Native American made.  We buy from Artists from the Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo.

Stan Tibbetts Jewelry

Stan Tibbetts Southwest Jewelry

Stan Tibbetts is a Southwest Artist located in Southern California. He handcrafts Sterling Silver and 14kt. Gold Jewelry in a Southwest Style.  When you are looking for a custom made piece of Gold or Silver jewelry call Stan at the Turquoise Pueblo.

native american necklaces

Native American Necklaces

Our Necklaces are made from silver and by Native Americans.  They are hand made using stones like opal, turquoise, mother of pearl and much more.

native american pendants

American Indian Pendants

We sell pendants that are American Indian made.  The pendant to the left has a wolf head in the center with turquoise and hand made feathers.

Native American Watches

American Indian Watch Bands

Watch Bands by well known Navajo artists.  To browse our Watch Bands category just click the link above.  These watch bands are made from sterling silver and by Native Americans from the Navajo Nation and the Zuni Pueblo.

Native American Bracelets

Native American Indian Bracelets

When you are buying Native American Bracelets browse our online store.  For questions about items that are not listed online call us at (909)797-7773.

Native American Pins & Broaches

Native American Indian Pins & Broaches

When your looking to buy a Pin or Broach browse the pins category.  Please call us for questions about broaches that are not listed online.  Our broaches are Native American made.  They are handmade from real sterling silver.  Our artists use stones like turquoise and coral.


Come to see us regularly, as we have many one of a kind pieces.  When you do not find what you are looking for feel free to call us at our store at (909)797-7773.