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Turquoise Pueblo is the store to visit in Oak Glen, California for one of a kind handmade Native American jewelry. This is the home store of southwest artist Stan Tibbetts. He has been handcrafting unique Jewelry for more than 40 years.

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Diverse Selection of handmade Jewelry

To ensure that we provide only the best and most beautiful pieces, our buyer and owner, Jana Tibbetts, shops directly with the Navajo and Zuni reservations and individual artists. Our store is home to products made and signed by famous and upcoming artists.

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In addition to our handcrafted accessories, we also offer Navajo and Zuni jewelry repair services. Reach out to us today to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

American Indian Jewelry

The Turquoise Pueblo is a American Indian Jewelry store.  We stock a nice selection of jewelry made by American Indian Jewelry artists including Gaynell Parker, Rita Dawes, Mike Smith, and many more.  Most of them live on Indian reservations. Our jewelry is hand made from Sterling Silver.  The Navajo and Zuni artists use a variety in semi precious stones including Turquoise, Red Coral, Jet, Black Onyx, Mother of Pearl, lab created Opal, Lapis, Spiny Oyster Shell and much more.

Zuni Jewelry

In our store we have a wide selection of Zuni Jewelry.  These hand made pieces consist of Earrings, Pendants, Bracelets, Necklaces, Wedding Rings and beautiful hand made Rings for men and women.  Our Jewelry comes from Indian reservations in New Mexico.

Navajo Jewelry

We have been selling Navajo Jewelry for close to twenty years.  Once a year we take a trip to Navajo reservations in New Mexico.  Tommy Singer even though is resting in peace is one of the most well known Navajo Jewelry artists of all time.  Even though most of Singer family Jewelry used to be made by Tommy Singer his wife Rosita Singer is now making the current pieces.

Native American Wedding Rings

Are you planning on getting married or replacing your current Wedding Rings with something made by American Indians.  Take a look at our Native American Wedding Rings.  They are made by several artists like Wilbur Muskett and Effie Calavaza, a Navajo Wedding Rings craftsmen.  These Native American Wedding Rings are made from Sterling Silver and several different semi precious stones.  Some of these stones include Turquoise, white, blue, pink and purple lab created Opal.  Other stones that are used include Red Coral, Black Onyx, Jet, Lapis and Spiny Oyster Shell.

Our selection is of Navajo Wedding Rings by Wilbur Muskett come with a Cubic Zirconia.  For people who would like a real diamond in their Wedding Ring, we can special order the right diamond for your Navajo Wedding rings.  Most of our Wedding Rings for men are a plain Sterling Silver Band with a choice of stones like Black Only, Red Coral and Turquoise.

Zuni Bracelets

Our Navajo and Zuni Bracelets are beautiful.  We have Bear Paw Bracelets, with Turquoise.  We stock Kokopelli, Bear, Eagle, Headdress and other Bracelets from talented artists and craftsmen.  Some of the Zuni Bracelets have hand made leaves on them.  Take a good look at our online store to find your special piece of Jewelry.  We also invite you to visit our store in Oak Glen, Ca.  We look forward to seeing you.  I am sure we could help you find that special piece.

Zuni and Navajo Earrings

Our beautiful Navajo Earrings are great for someone who would like some unique Jewelry to wear when you go out.  The stones used by the Indians add beautiful colors to the pieces.  Most of the Zuni and Navajo earrings are not cast.  They are hand made from Sterling Silver.  We have Bear Paw Earrings, Copper and Bead Earrings,  Kingman Turquoise Earrings and much more.

Native American Ladies Rings

In our store we stock hundreds of Native American Ladies Rings made from Silver.  Our rings are hand made from blue and green Turquoise.  Some of them have lab created Opal.  Quite often the Native Americans hand craft leaf designs for their ladies Rings.  They stones have bright colors like different colors of blue, red and white.

Navajo Men's Rings

Our Navajo Men's Rings have many different designs.  Some of our rings have an Indian Headdress design with stones like Turquoise, red Coral and much more.  We also have Navajo Men's Rings with a hand made Buffalo design.  The semi precious stones add great colors to the beautiful rings.

Zuni Necklaces

Our beaded Zuni Necklaces are stranded with Black Onyx.  The beads are stranded for the whole length of the Zuni Necklace.  For people who are looking for a beaded Necklace we have a larger selection in our physical store front.  We encourage you to come visit the Turquoise Pueblo to see our great selection of Zuni Jewelry.

Native American Pendants

We have quite a selection of Native American Pendants with different hand crafted designs.  We have Dream Catcher, Eagle, Bear, Feather and Gecko Pendants.  These artists tend to make a lot of different Native American Pendants with numerous designs of wild life and native traditions.  I am sure between our online store and our brick and mortar store front we have what you are looking for.  Just browse our site or call us to find out if we have the special piece you are seeking.

American Indian Watch Bands

Have  you been looking for a unique American Indian Watch Band.  Our watch tips are great pieces of art.  We have Men's and Women's Watch Bands in stock.  Even though the Watch Bands do come with a Watch, we can attach the Watch of your choice to the hand made Watch Tips.  These Watch Tips are decorated with Flower, Leaf, Eagle and Buffalo designs.  Most of them also have an assortment of semi precious stones on the tips.