RIP 5/31/14 Tommy Singer Navajo Indian Orange Spiny Oyster Shell Necklace Made From Sterling Silver 16 Inch


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RIP 5/31/14 Tommy Singer Navajo Indian Orange Spiny Oyster Shell Necklace Silver 16"


Thomas Singer will always be remembered for the exquisite jewelry he made through out his life time. One of his first designs of his invention of the crushed turquoise & coral inlays have been enjoyed over many generations. You will be missed R.I.P. Thomas Singer. Tommy Singer was a well-known Silversmith who specializes in Navajo Overlay Rug Pattern Jewelry. His inlaid turquoise, coral, & silver pieces incorporate traditional Navajo designs. Tommy Singer gained acclaim as the originator of the chip inlay design which he developed in the 1970s. Singer was a member of the Navajo tribe from Winslow, Arizona. He perfected his craft working on the Navajo reservation in a small studio surrounded with his family and other tribal members. When asked about his work, Singer said, "Every piece is made with the various meanings from my traditional ways - the Navajo way of living. My father was a Silversmith, too. He taught me, and wanted me to continue this trade. It was my father's dream that I learn to silversmith so that I could continue his beliefs." Thomas (Tommy) Singer will continue to be the most well known Navajo of all time. He is World Reknowned. World famous Tommy Singer from the Navajo Nation handcrafted this stunning lighter Orange spiny oyster shell necklace. Each rectangular shaped stone is stacked together with approximately but not exactly 4.6mm stones with additional stones of Onyx, Coral, Turquoise & Tiger Eye. Sterling silver floret and round bead spacers are used to make a delicate design. The ends of the necklace have Sterling Silver cones with a handmade hook to fasten the necklace. SIGNED. The dimensions are 16" long. The center bead is approximately 4.6mm in diameter. Our jewelry is guaranteed "NATIVE AMERICAN MADE." Your item comes with a "CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY" "NEW."